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Too much creativity
to contain at Richter Creative!

Our affiliate site for fine art paintings is live, and it is absolutely stunning! Please take a moment and browse through these exceptional original modern works by artist Mat Richter.

Psychotonic is elixir for your mind... and a great place to purchase groovy graphic t-shirts, coffee mugs and other uniques gifts for yourself or others. If you're a fan of off color humor this is the place to get the swag!

Richter Creative is proud to announce that we have launched BATTALION 22, a non-profit veteran's group in Orange County, CA aimed at supporting our great American service members and lowering their suicide rates.

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Richter Creative has brought to my company a level of professionalism and corporate clout that rivals the best efforts of larger agencies.
What impressed me most about Mat was his ability to quickly respond to our needs and meet our expectations time and time again.
Mat was able to create the perfect logo to represent my business and did so with ease. From the first sketches that he provided I knew that I had found the right designer to fulfill my business needs.
You're going to love the work we do for you.
If you don't, well, you're just not trying hard enough. =)
Mat not only helped me conceive the name and identity of my business, but he also encouraged me to license a technology that launched my business to the top of the industry.

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