Richter Creative is Orange County’s BEST print and digital advertising/branding agency! Now with over twenty years in business, you can bet we’ve seen and done it all. What sets us apart is the concept behind our motto “think strategically, act creatively”. We’re not looking to design something trendy, or make fashionable statements. We are business-minded, customer-focused, and understand that a solid strategy is essential to long-term success. We follow that up with top-tier creative solutions that are on message and on point, and build your brand with longevity in mind.

Since opening in 2001 Richter Creative has had great success in the launch of new products and businesses. From initial concept to product development to branding and advertising, we have helped scores of outstanding companies forge their niche in the marketplace. We have also helped many dozens of established businesses promote their products, launch new products, and bring awareness overall to their positions of leadership in their industry. Over the years we have applied our creative solutions to virtually every type of industry that you can name including automotive, banking, construction, engineering, fashion, food and beverage, gaming, government agencies, home improvement, legal, manufacturing, national defense, real estate, technology and many more. 

Our single-minded focus is and has always been to be a powerful agent of positive change for every one of our clients. We are not satisfied with status quo efforts and bland solutions. We continually strive for greatness on behalf of our clients and expect to succeed with every endeavor that we undertake. 

As the owner and driving force behind Richter Creative, I invite you to invest a small amount of your time and resources to find out what we can do for you. I know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.