Urban Photography


Los Angeles – The Broad

Photography is a hobby of mine that sprouted from two other hobbies that I enjoy, travel and exploration. Every year I try to go to a location or two with the express intent of doing nothing but capturing unique pictures for this collection. So far I have been to a dozen cities including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Chicago, and San Juan Puerto Rico just to name a few. The photographs fall into one of a few overarching categories being architecture, blight, and abstracts.

Individually these images are unexceptional, but in groups, they make a powerful statement. I have a method of printing these images onto 12-inch square aluminum plates, which gives them a very industrial vibe and really helps to create an atmosphere wherever they are displayed. They make a great backdrop for any commercial space like a restaurant, a reception area, the break room, conference room or even your office. The best part is that you can choose your collection of nine or more to create your own personalized art display.

More images will be uploaded as time permits. If you have questions please ask Mat.